Front and back covers.


History, architecture, Mardi Gras & music.

Zine unfolds to show map on the reverse side.


New Orleans Zine

This is an example of the zines that I would make as part of my creative residency. 

The inside pages are filled with text and illustrations that dive into the culture and traditions of New Orleans and explain how New Orleans became the place it is today.

The zine unfolds into a map that explains the significance of certain landmarks and only includes those that are timeless "must-sees". 

Note: These images are mockups. This zine would be printed as part of my residency.


Burano Lettering

This piece demonstrates my ability to create lettering that captures the roots of a location. If I were to create a zine about Burano, this would be the cover.

Burano is a small island near Venice known for it's brightly colored buildings and it's history in the lace-making trade. The colors for this piece are taken directly from pictures of the island.


Cambridge Map

This map is representative of the high quality of work that I produce. Each icon is extremely detailed; if you look closely you will see tiny bricks and intentionally placed textures.